Artist who have shown with Unorthodox Studios



Multi Media Artist

My Work Has Taken Many Forms Over The Years Including Figure Drawing, Painting, Clay, Sculpture, Stained Glass, Mixed Media, Collage And Assemblage, Most Recently Focusing On Recycled Materials.


Multi Media Artist

Julio Gonzalez is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist. His work stems from the exploration into his mixed heritage. Born of a Honduran mother and Mexican father while growing up in the South during the 80's, his experience is one of being from somewhere else. His practice relies on constantly asking "what if?" and embracing the random.


Mixed Media

Mixed media artist, Keith is known to work with everything from resin, sand, arylic, oil, charcoal pencil, paper, and found objects to create highly textured pieces rich in movement and depth.  Raised on the Jersey Shore and spending much of his time playing in Manhattan his art reflects both the energy and sole of the two in an abstract way.   Color sets a mood, texture reflect a memory.

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Jason Parker is a street artist , muralist , conscious vandal from the American south. A carpenter by trade, eternally blue collar and true to the title of “tinkerer” he is well versed in building methods, printing, screen printing, and has dabbled in most forms of visual art and visual communication. His gallery shows are primarily composed with spray paint and variations of stencil methods. Although, forever exploring and restless, many works appear as ink illustrations, photography, and sculptures. Parker’s style and methods are heavily inspired by early hip-hop culture, punk rock, skateboarding and the DIY ethics of these cultures.


Graphic Novelist 

Ken Knudtsen is a recently relocated NY writer and artist(Wolverine) and the creator of My Monkey's Name is Jennifer(SLG Publishing), and has also worked on animation for projects developed by Comedy Central, Robert Reich, and PBS. Feel free to discuss with him the awesomeness of Huey Lewis & the News, Fast Five, John Wick, and Aquaman at your earliest convenience.




“God hid herself in the last place any of us would look to find her— within ourselves.”

This quote stuck with me after opening a Way of the Buddha novel. I was obsessed because I knew exactly what it was saying to me. We are creators, we design our universe and control the interpretation of what we see and feel. Having the talent to create my world through art makes me more than appreciative of the life I’m living.



Multi Media Fine Artist

Rebecca Lipps is a multifaceted artist and educator that moved to Charlotte from Cincinnati, Ohio in 2013. Rebecca received a Bachelor of Arts from Xavier University with a concentration in painting. In May 2019, she received her Masters of Fine Arts from Winthrop University with a concentration in sculpture and video installation. In 2019, Charlotte’s Arts and Science Council named her a Community Supported Artist and she exhibited her work with Art Pop at Le Meridian Hotel. Her paintings center around her interest in discovering patterns in nature. She films and edits video to appear as a moving painting that cohesively blends with her 2D work. Lipps plans to explore more of these contrasts in pattern and human behavior through combinations of material and technology. You can view one of her murals and take one of her paint and sip classes at Bold Missy Brewery. Catch her live painting at SteveFest 2020.